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Granddaddy Purple (GDP) is an indica from California with deep purple blooms. It is a cross between Big Bud and Purple Urkle. The effects of this sweet, grape/berry flavored, powerful strain are both euphoric and soothing.


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4 reviews for 1ml Delta 8 Grandaddy Purp Cart

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    A real human

    This shiii smacks it is a tad bit rough but one or to puffs get me FADED THAN A HO,FADED THAN A HO ,FADED THAN A HO, and launch my ahh to yodiland

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    David D

    Excellent product! Shipping was incredibly fast! Thanks as always!

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    Came quick always and a good quality it a good thing that helps me with side effects of medication

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    John Z

    it tastes a little weird, but get me so high so thanks

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Delta-8 Gummies

My husband,Bill, and I both use the Delta 8 gummies. He suffers from insomnia and anxiety. I have a moderate scoliosis and joint pain. These gummies help both of relax and get a good nights sleep. That means better days for both of us!😊

-Susan M.
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CBD/ASH – Watermelon

I purchased aswaganda cbd gummies hoping it would help my anxiety levels while at work. I work at UAB Hospital 12 hour shifts. It had definitely helped. I would recommend this product!

-Erin S.
From Our Customer
Delta-8 Gummies

I have been researching what I can use naturally for my stress, sleeplessness and arthritis. Came across a company located here in my hometown. I bought Delta 8 gummies, ashwagandha/cbd gummies, apple cider/cbd gummies and the CBD tincture. All of these products have made a huge difference in my life. Delta 8 gummies are now giving me the ability to be able to sleep and also just relax.

From Our Customer
CBD/ASH – Watermelon

With my job as a supervisor, it can become very stressful. So I keep a ashwagandha/cbd gummy handy. In the evening I use my Delta 8 gummy to relax and get some sleep. My grandmother is the one who told me about this company and their products. Thankful she did!

-Gavin S
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