THC-V Vs. THC: What Are The Differences?

THC and THCV are chemicals found in the cannabis plant that can make people feel different. They work by interacting with special parts in the body called endocannabinoid receptors. Even though they have similar names, they come from different things in the plant and can affect people in different ways depending on how much is used. Read on to discover more about some of their differences.

THC-V vs. THC: What Are the Differences?

The cannabis plant contains many helpful cannabinoids. These include CBD, HHC, THC, CBN, and THC-V, and each is unique. Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THC-V) is just now attracting the interest of researchers. However, there are already many potential benefits it offers that have made it popular.

What is THC-V

THC-V is an intoxicating compound found in the cannabis plant. Its molecular structure is one hydrocarbon chain short of being identical to that of THC. Its discovery took place decades ago. However, its complex and expensive isolation process made it undesirable for research.

Tetrahydrocannabivarin is also available in plant matter other than the cannabis plant and has significant motivating, therapeutic, and energizing effects. However, when taken in large quantities, THC-V can get you high. On the contrary, the effects aren’t as strong as those of Delta-8 THC.

THC-V Benefits

    • Suppresses appetite
    • Has anti-inflammatory effects
    • Fast-acting energizing effects
    • Great for managing symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases
    • Manages seizures and epilepsy
    • Helps in bone growth

What is Delta-8 THC

Delta-8-THC is the primary and most popular intoxicating cannabinoid of the cannabis plant. THC consumption is mainly for medicinal or recreational reasons. There has been extensive research into the health benefits associated with THC. However, more still needs to be done for further insight into the real potential of the cannabis plant.

Delta-8 THC is psychoactive. However, it can also help people suffering from chronic pain. If you’re a beginner, starting with a small dose and building up your tolerance is best. Be prepared to deal with mild side effects such as bloodshot eyes, drowsiness, and a dry mouth.

THC Benefits

    • Helps with insomnia
    • Increases appetite
    • Great for chronic pain
    • Good for managing anxiety and mood disorders

THC-V Vs. THC: What Are the Differences?

These two cannabinoids differ in their molecular structures and some of their benefits. However, their effects are pretty similar. THC has an extra hydrocarbon chain in its molecular makeup, which is different from THC-V. More factors differentiating THC-V and THC include:

1. Potency

THC is way more potent than THC-V. It produces a strong high that can affect you both mentally and physically. This potency depends on the strain of Delta-8 THC and how you consume it. A small dose of Delta-8 THC still causes drowsiness, euphoria, and sedation.

On the other hand, THC-V is weaker and requires higher doses to produce any significant psychoactive effects. It has similar potency levels to CBN. To enjoy the best benefits of THC-V, you should take it in daily microdoses. This way, you’ll avoid any unwanted highs.

2. Effects

THC-V has appetite-suppressant effects, whereas Delta-8 THC has the opposite effect as it helps improve one’s appetite. THC-V can suppress appetite, boost your energy levels, and even aid in weight loss thanks to its ability to block the CB1 receptors in your brain.

THC effects will vary depending on the strain and how you ingest it. In addition to improving your appetite, THC can boost your mood and help you relax.

3. Compound Source

THC-V extracts are also available in some other plants apart from cannabis plants. On the other hand, THC extracts are only available from cannabis plants. THC-V derived from other plants will offer you all the health benefits without any euphoric effects.

Still Curious?

If you’re still curious about the differences between these Delta-8 products, you should try both and see the effects firsthand. Hemp products have different effects on different people. Therefore, trying them out for yourself might be the best option. If you don’t want to go for something so potent, try some THC-V gummies, vaping concentrates, or flowers. THC-V products are also ideal if you’re looking to lose some weight or are battling Type 2 diabetes.

Though THC-V is not as popular as CBD or THC, it’s already growing in popularity and will soon be a regular on hemp product store shelves. It’s only a matter of time before we have new options for how to enjoy and consume THC-V. So be on the lookout for some THC-V goodness!

When shopping for the best Delta-8 products, you can buy those made with THC, CBD, or THC-V. Most times, the effects and results you want will determine your choice.

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